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Reviews for Chiropractic Health Care

Check out what others have to say about their experience with Chiropractic Health Care. Please email us or contact our office if you would like to hear about specific cases and conditions.

  • I was amazed that you could see me without an appointment.

    - Tamara L.
  • I appreciate being fit into the schedule so I could be seen right away.

    - Dianne R.
  • It’s so nice to finally find a chiropractor who does techniques I’m accustomed to and has given me the pain relief I’ve needed.

    - Shannon L.
  • Looks like a tight ship. Nice decor and especially liked the skeleton on the front office. Having a mellow dog on the premises made me feel more comfortable.

    - Regi
  • Thank you for being so thorough and catering a treatment plan to my needs! Looking forward to working with everyone.

    - Johanna
  • Awesome staff and Doctor. I love this place!

    - Mike S.
  •  It is a wonderful welcoming environment and feel like I am being heard with the concerns that I have. 

    - Deanna S.
  • Very friendly staff and excellent first visit. I’m looking forward to continued improvements!

    - Hallie S.
  • It was like I had always been a patient. Everyone was so helpful and explained all paths to a better visit. Thank you!

    - Mindy
  • Dr. Von Bergen and her staff were excellent! Very professional and courteous! 

    - Johnny
  • I could hardly walk my first day going in and was in so much pain. But after my first visit, I felt great my leg was not hurting. It was a great visit. Love this office.

    - Annette L.
  • We have received excellent care and sensitivity from the staff and is always a pleasure to be attended to by the caring members of the practice.

    - James
  • Great first visit! Great experience…

    - Dana A.

Doing Much Better

It was absolutely a joy to see you again, Rebecca. I did follow your advice and went back to see Brian Lowry again yesterday. Things still pinch here and there, but doing much better after a 3rd adjustment, using my TENS unit and using the tennis ball in the car. Thank you for very kindly rescuing me while I was in Ithaca on weds!! Fondest Hugs,

– Joyce S.

Great Experience

I feel comfortable walking in and talking to the wonderful women in the office. I feel heard and cared for. Not only is this facility heavily sanitized, but allows for multiple patients to be helped and accommodated, though there is only one doctor.

-Keymani D.

Warm & Welcoming

Rebecca and her staff are warm and professional. I appreciated how welcoming they were on my first visit. I was also not a seasoned chiropractice visitor but Rebecca made me feel at ease. I highly recommend this practice.

-Nicole M.

Knowledgeable and Caring

Absolutely love Rebecca and Chiro Health Care…she is knowledgeable, attentive, and caring. Her staff is helpful and flexible with our schedules. We have found our home for chiropractic care!

– Jack W.

Would Recommend to Others!

It is amazing how quickly I have been seeing results after only a handful of appointments with Dr. VonBergen! After just one visit, I felt less pain than I had in years. The staff is very helpful and personable. Dr. VonBergen is very attentive to your needs as a patient and definitely a skilled chiropractor. 10/10 would recommend to others!

– Bridget M.

Kind, Helpful and Patient

I had never been to a chiropractor before and was extremely nervous not knowing what to expect. Every staff member I met was very kind, helpful and patient with me while I explained my pains. They never once made me feel uncomfortable and took as much time with me as I needed.

– Katie B.

So Happy I Chose This Practice

I have only been for two visits, but so far the experience has been wonderful! From my phone calls to the consultation and adjustments, the staff have been amazingly friendly and helpful! So happy that I chose this practice. Thanks Dr. VonBergen, Will and Autumn!

– Tammy


They are amazing, friendly and courteous and very thorough on instructions with stretches and care to help relieve my lower back pain. Not to mention they are open on Saturdays, I called last minute, (not on purpuse I wasn’t sure about chiropractors before, but knew a dr wasn’t going to help me just medicate me) I had never been in their practice before and there was no hesitation about it they took me right in. I could never thank them enough for helping me!

– Carolyn

Very Impressed

The MYOView test was a great visual add! I am very impressed with each of the staff members. Very kind and explain everything well.

– Eileen

I think she’s the greatest at what she does!

This wasn’t my first time seeing Dr. Rebecca. I saw her many times when she was with Dr. Cederbaum. I just love her! I think she’s the greatest at what she does! I will forever be coming to her for treatment as long as she is in practice! Thank you for all you do Dr. Rebecca!!

– Mary

Thank You!

Thank you Doctor Rebecca VonBergen! I feel better already! Thanks also to Will and Scott who manage the office!

– Valerie


Excellent Job!

Doctor Rebecca VonBergen does an excellent job as a chiropractor! The staff Will and Scott do an excellent job as office help! I would recommend VonBergen Chiropractic Health Care to everyone!


What a Great Team

What a great team you have. Upon arrival, I felt comfortable immediately. The staff explained everything clearly and in detail. In addition, they work with your schedule to meet your needs. Looking forward to my future appointments.

– Patricia

Help with Sciatica

heart-commentWhen I started seeing Dr. Rebecca I had a lot of sciatica hip issues and a shoulder issue. I couldn’t even pick up my arm but with her help and physical therapy I got back into service. She’s helping me a lot with shoulder joints, it takes time to fix them, it doesn’t happen in three visits. For the most part 60-70% of my pain has been improved. The rest is Mother Nature and age, but there’s not much you can do there.

Dr. Rebecca’s evening and every other Saturday hours are really convenient for those who work. Her staff are marvelous, always pleasant, always polite and very nice. And the office is calming, not stark like a doctor’s offices, but a very relaxed atmosphere. It’s very comfortable to sit there and wait–although the wait time is remarkably minimal.

– Marie

Severe Migraine Relief

Dr. Rebecca is very friendly, caring and down to earth. She’s sympathetic and treats people like family rather than patients. Her approach is gentle and she listens to you, shows you what’s going to happen. I’ve recommended her to a lot of friends, my whole family goes to her.

I had a severe migraine so I called down to the office and they got me in, put me in a room with heat and oils, checked on me, massaged the area a little until everything loosened enough for her to adjust me. Most people won’t go the extra mile for a patient but she will.

Her office staff is always smiling, as if they’re the perfect fit, it works well. She’s made the office much more comfortable.

I like the way it feels when I’m adjusted, I can tell when it’s not, I get achy and a headache. Her chiropractic care is the fastest solution to feeling better.
– Laurie

Great Chiropractic Care

Dr. Rebecca is very thorough, very good and has always treated me excellently. I’m 66 years old and I’m still able to run, play golf and participate in lots of activities. Part of that is in thanks to great chiropractic care. I have highly recommended her to a variety people.

– Tom

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